Jobs in Mandalay

Jobs in Mandalay | Job Opportunities in Mandalay

Mandalay is the second leading city and royal capital of Burma. It is situated about 446 of Rangoon and contains an estimated population of one million. Mandalay is the economic hub of Burma and believed the center of art & culture. Its cultural root links with Chinese culture that had been ruling the city for many years and left various monuments and architectural buildings. Commercially and academically it is very popular among other cities of Myanmar. Health care system of the town is also very good and fully equipped with latest technology. Information technology and advanced machinery is very supportive in present health care sector to deal with emergencies. Mandalay is economically stable city and its economy mainly relies on agriculture, industrial revival and tourism. Myanmar tourism industry earns huge foreign capital during summer seasons.

Transportation system in Mandalay is very organized and contains air routes and advanced train system. Road transportation and super highways facilitate majority of the daily travelers. Mandalay attains the title of biggest trading & communications center of Burma exporting in China and India. It has strong foreign trade policy and friendly relations with the neighboring countries. Mandalay industrial sector include silk weaving, tapestry, jade cutting and polishing, stone and wood carving, marble and Buddha images, temple ornaments and paraphernalia, gold leaves, matches, brewing and distilling.

Tourism industry of the city is very strong and attracts majority of foreigner travelers to come and explore the hidden beauty. Natural sceneries and beautiful parks remain crowded during holidays in Mandalay municipality. Employment opportunities are very attractive and high paid for the fields of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences in Mandalay.

Jobs in Mandalay

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Mandalay

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Mandalay

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Mandalay

Management & Administration Jobs in Mandalay


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