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Jobs in Managua | Job Opportunities in Managua

Managua is the capital and the major city in Nicaragua in terms of population and land area size. It is situated on the southwestern coast of Lake Managua that is famous for its deep water and sailing facilities. It has an estimated population of around 1.9 million inhabitants. In history it was well known as a small fishing town that expanded during 18th century and formed into a present major city of the country. Modern Managua was restructured in 1852 and till now huge influx of foreign visitors is recorded on ground. National geologists have predicted the city as very dangerous by its location on erupting volcanoes with the addition of at least one severe earthquake in 50 years is foretasted. National economy of Managua city is mainly reliant of its commercial trade among neighboring countries.

Managua is a leading trader of coffee, cotton and other crops. It is also considered as an imperative industrial, commercial, political and cultural center of the Managua city. Handsome earning export products of the city include beer, coffee, matches, textiles and shoes. Political system of Managua is pure democratic and consist upon several basic democracies in its surrounding. Construction industry of the city is constructing several mega projects i.e. schools, hospitals and shopping centers with the preventive measures to avoid future earthquake affects.

Managua is known as the home of various national and multinational companies functioning in the area and offers numerous job opportunities to the qualifying students of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences in Managua. Some of the international organization working in Managua includes Crowne Plaza, Best Western, Inter Continental, Holiday Inn and Hilton in the city to facilitate majority of the local as well as foreigner travelers.

Jobs in Managua

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