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Jobs in Malie | Job Opportunities in Malie

Malie is a rural community on the land mass of Upolu in Samoa and is officially and exactly located in the coastal line of Electoral Constituency and forms the region of Tuamasaga that is a famous political conurbation and active region of democratic activities of Samoa. There are less than 122,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. Maliehas different agricultural crops and related cattle farms producing mostly sheep’s, buffalos and cow to get dairy products and leather product mostly demanded in the western markets and in the cold areas of the Globe. Malie has many small scaled cottage industries making different handicrafts and craftsmen samples to decorate in houses and halls. Per capita income and GDP of the Malie is on growth stage and government strives to provide an ideal life style to people of Malie.

It is served by most of paved roads and pretty highways connection all the cities and towns of Samoa together with the Malie. Commercial buses and railway network of the city is a foremost traveling mode providing safe and swift traveling across the nation. Malie medical complex and construction industry are busiest professions due to ever busy and major dealing with customer handling. Mostly people care for self small scaled businesses in the society to earn more and more income and high earning level are main benchmarks to attain for all.

Village bays, canals bank, irrigation dams and evening cafes are major gathering places in the society that are frequently visited by the youngsters and adults loving wine an alcohol. Kids and girls love to spend their evening time in the gossips and indoor games while outdoor activities provide them recreation at theaters and shopping centers of Malie.

Jobs in Malie

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