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Jobs in Malatya | Job Opportunities in Malatya

Malatya is a city of Turkey having old traditional roots with the Byzantine culture. The city was established during 12th century. The seaport of Malatya covers 785,000 square meters and huge area segregated where almost 6,000 ships can stay at a time. Mersin Free Zone was established in 1986 as the first free zone in Turkey with numerous warehouses, shops, assembly-dis-assembly, maintenance, engineering workshops, banking, insurance, packing-repacking, labeling and exhibition facilities adjacent to Malatya seaport. This port is used on industrial bases for the huge trade of oil carriage and variety of domestic products shipped for export in the major markets of Middle East, North Africa, East, West Europe, Russian Federation and Central Asia. An estimated trade volume touched the figure of USD 518 billion in year 2002.

Malatya has main highway structure connecting to the north, east and west with railroad facilities and an airport just 69 kilometers away from the city. There is very low unemployment ratio in the city. Majority of the inhabitants remains busy on their jobs to earn maximum income to support their families and enjoy in productive activities in their free time.

Educational structure in Malatya is also very enticing by providing variety of program and quality education in affordable fee plan. Information technology is growing rapidly in the city and students love to learn new techniques of this field. Graduate and undergraduates can avail numerous job opportunities in the fields of sales and marketing, accounting & finance and managerial regions with excellent salary structure. Shortly Malatya is a beautiful city to study, work or relocate permanently.

Jobs in Malatya

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Malatya

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Malatya

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Malatya

Management & Administration Jobs in Malatya


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