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Jobs in Luleburgaz | Job Opportunities in Luleburgaz

Luleburgaz is a settlement and borough of Kirklareli prefecture in the Marmara constituency of Turkey and nearly 123,000 people are residing in the city of Luleburgaz as per national population census conducted during 2010. It is one of the oldest historic towns of the Turkey where many signs of the 16th century and many buildings of the same time frame are sill erected. Economy and financial position of the city is on growth stage and it is needed to increase the present infrastructure and available income generation sources with different compatible approaches. The Battle of Arcadiopolis was fought in the land areas of eh city and still there are many defeated signs and demolished structures and ruined portions of the old structures. Textile and mining firms are major income generation source of the society whereas service industries and engineering units are secondary supporting pillars of its economic growth and stability.

There are many new and old education centers of the city in Luleburgaz providing best academic studies and learning approaches to the enrolled students. Present time in Luleburgaz is fully influenced by the information technology and digital system that has made the life more easy and reduced the chanced of manual work. Luleburgaz has a better literacy ratio indicating a better future of the upcoming generations in the country.

Modern city of Luleburgaz is fully equipped with the entire advancements and technological systems like computer technology, information technology, telecommunication devices and advanced infrastructure. There are different tourist attractions and fun time places in Luleburgaz including the caravanserai of Luleburgaz, Yilan kale, Tumlu Kale or Dumlukale and Sirkeli Hoyuk. There are many new job vacancies in Luleburgaz for the professionals of information technology, doctors, engineers, teachers and management personnel against attractive salary packages and career growth in Luleburgaz.

Jobs in Luleburgaz

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Luleburgaz

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Luleburgaz

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Luleburgaz

Management & Administration Jobs in Luleburgaz

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