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Jobs in Louga | Job Opportunities in Louga

Louga is a settlement in Senegal. It is one of the most important irrigation and agricultural city of the country in Senegal. Most of the people in the villages and small towns of Louga are linked with the growth opportunism and activities of agricultural sector and grow mostly expensive and water based crops like wheat, sugarcane and rice on large scale to meet their daily increasing expenses in Louga. It is famous for having multiple cattle farms, poultry farms, cropping farms and animal food preference points of the society in Louga. Due to numerous port facilities in Dakar the entire producing force of the city ship their international commodities in the western markets to earn more and more income. It is one of the biggest cattle market in the city containing different trading and selling opportunities to the villagers.

There are different traveling modes widely used in the society of Louga but most important and frequently used channels for safe and smooth journey across the borders of Louga, commercial bus service, private vehicles, self driven vehicles, railway and air routes are practiced but as air line companies are charming much high fare so most of the people in Senegal love to use the alternate traveling services in the city. Some major railway networks and junctions of the city providing a safe and swift traveling include Dakar port, Hann truncated terminus, Rufisque, and Bambey junction for Touba.

There is not a developed tourist market in the city therefore most of the public places and fun time destinations in Louga are lacking several facilities. Museums and monuments of the city are real fun time for the kids and schools going children so such destinations of Louga observe crowded during holidays whilst shopping malls and other public places remain crowded with girls and female.

Jobs in Louga

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