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Jobs in Lome | Job Opportunities in Lome

Lome is the capital city of Togo with an estimated population of 737,751 inhabitants as per census 2007. Lome is situated on the Gulf of Guinea functioning as an administrative & industrial center of Togo. Major agriculture products in the city are coffee, cocoa, copra, and palm kernels. Industrial sector of Togo is reliant of oil refineries and Lome carries majority of oil refineries in its possession. Ewe people are remarked as the founders of the city who stepped in the town during 18th century. Unstable economy has caused many problems for the inhabitants carrying unemployment on top ranking. Garbage collection and fight against unhealthy urban living are commonly observed in the vicinity of entire Africa. April~June and September to November carry heavy rain falls in the region while summer season remain hot and humid.

Lome city has few but most attractive areas for fun time lovers including Grand Market, the Togo National Museum, a fetish (voodoo) market, Lome Cathedral, beaches and the former wharf. German gothic style is quite common in the construction of commercial buildings and houses. Handicrafts and flat carpets are domestically produced having high demand in the European markets. Lome seaport carries good business in foreign trades comprising upon different commodities i.e. Fish, Minerals, Petroleum and Cement.

Keeping in view the devastating economic slump of the global market, government of Togo has segregated enough budgets for the development of industrial sector, educational infrastructure, Health and Sanitation and power generation opening numerous job opportunities for educated citizens with attractive pay perks. A skilled graduate of Information technology, Business management, accounting and finance, sales and marketing, medical and engineering will be high in demand during upcoming developed infrastructure.

Jobs in Lome

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