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Lodz is the third major city of Poland situated in the central region of the country having almost 794,941 inhabitants as per census conducted during 2009. Lodz is the capital of its Voivodeship and just 136 kilometers away from Warsaw city. Written record of the history showed Lodz city first time in 1330 with the status of a small village of the bishops of Wtoctlawek. During the ruling period of King Wtadystaw, the small village of Lodz attained the city rights in 1423. With the passage of the time Lodz attained several miles stones and attained the status of a major trading zone of this age. Agriculture is the major earning sector of the city having several grain farms and wine yards cultivating ripe grapes. Huge influx of German inhabitants laid a foundation for modern industry in18th century.

Lodz produces sufficient quantity of finest cotton annually to combat with the required shortfall in its textile sector. Numerous varieties in fabric and knitted garments are manufactured in Lodz with low labor cost and are exported in the neighboring markets. Apart from textile, Lodz is well famous among its native cities due to bulk production of well known automobile makes & brands. Technological advancements declare the city as reasonably rich with stable economic structure.

Tourism industry in Poland is on its mature stage as the government is investing huge budget on the development of new visitor attractions in the country. Presently there are several natural parks, natural resorts, trendy shopping malls including Poniatowski’s Park, Piotrkowska Street, Gallant house and Victoria palace. Developing industrial sectors has huge shortfall of skilled personnel of different fields comprising upon information technology, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, management and administrative science. Qualified candidates enjoy a tremendous career growth and certain fringe benefits offered by the employers.

Jobs in Lodz

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