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Jobs in Limpio | Job Opportunities in Limpio

The city of Limpio is situated in the Central Department of Paraguay that was found in 1784. It is situated on the river banks of three major rivers flowing in the city. Geographic situation of the city is surrounded by hilly mountains and dense forest esteemed with plenty of wild life species and unique birds. Forest area of the Limpio city remains crowded during summer season by the hunters who love to shoot pig and bears for sack of their body parts. Economy of the Limpio city is fairly good and dependant of its industrial revival. Major religion of the city is Christianity whereas other minorities are also on record in the city.

Carlos Antonio Lopez contributed a lot in the development of the city in past and gifted the city of Limpio to his daughter as dowry. During her wedding, he constructed a large church in the city that has almost 400 years old history. General pubic of the city is much groomed and professionally qualified serving in the major industries of Limpio. Education level of the city is good and encourages students to come and attain at least graduate degrees from the institutes.

Tourism industry of Limpio city is also earning good amount from foreigner travelers. Majority of the visitors love to visit the Museum and Libraries of the town that are fully equipped with the latest tools. Apart from the Museum, plenty of lighthouses, amusement parks and natural resorts entice majority of the fun lovers to come and enjoy certain packages. There are several job opportunities for the qualified students of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences in Limpio with excellent salary structure & other fringe benefits.

Jobs in Limpio

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Limpio

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Limpio

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Limpio

Management & Administration Jobs in Limpio


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