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Jobs in Latakia | Job Opportunities in Latakia

Latakia is a rich agriculture town of Syria and at the same time attains the title of national harbor and the capital of the Latakia Governorate. Majority of the farmers produces excellent quality of wine to export mainly in Alexandria and its neighboring states with high price. The city is surrounded by sloping highlands presenting a beautiful scenic view with plenty of grape bales. During 1183, Mr. Septimius Severus laid a foundation of the town and considered as the first architect of that age. Latakia’s name was changed by the Greek rulers who named the city as “Leuke Akte”. An estimated population of the town is around 600,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted in 2007. Due to its location on hill stations, Latakia faced number of earth quacks in past that destroyed the city for thrice.

Presently government of Latakia has adopted many remedial measures to avoid from such incidents in future. Tourism industry of Latakia is earning good and frames a large variety of mummies and ancients gems in its amusement parks & research laboratories to preserve the historic culture. Agricultural sector is considered as the backbone of Latakia economy. Excellent road network of the Latakia city connects with Beirut, Homs, Aleppo and Tripoli for business trades comprising upon vegetable oil, poultry, eggs, fruits, cotton, bitumen and asphalt, tobacco and cereals.

There is a wide range of ancient building and visitors attraction in the Latakia town including Ugarit Ras Shamra, Qalaat Saladin’s Castle, An old Ottoman museum, The Roman gateway, Tetraparticus, Slunfeh, Kassab, Ras al-Bassit, Temple of Bacchus and Latakia Arch. Growing infrastructure of the city has introduced many technical advancements that created numerous job opportunities for qualified students of information technology, sales and marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences with excellent career growth and certain fringe benefits.

Jobs in Latakia

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Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Latakia

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