Jobs in Lampang

Jobs in Lampang | Job Opportunities in Lampang

Lampang is a historic city and oldest conurbation in the country of Thailand and is graded as third principal municipality of Lampang prefecture. It is speedily increasing towards its all four corners and present population size is figuring about 150,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted recently. It is closely positioned in the Valley of Wang River that is so beautiful and provides an ideal stay in sun shine. Economy and financial position of the town is based on farming, pineapple and sugarcane processing and juice making. Large deposit of kaolin in the underground areas of the city provides an excellent income rise and high usage to the same in its different industries like ceramics. Healthcare units and hospitals of the country are working well and providing instant patient care to the ailing and suffering communities in Lampang.

There are quite a few schools, colleges and universities in Lampang including Yonok College, and a branch of Thammasat University offering different subjects and modes of study in regular study program and in distant learning program to the students that are working in Lampang at the moment but love to complete their degrees in its due time. Present literacy ratio of the township is good and on rising scale providing a better life and standard to the enrolled students in historic schools of the city.

Transportation modes and ideal traveling services increase the income level of the city in terms of travelers, visitors and trading personnel from one destination of Lampang to another in short span of time. There are many fast and furious racing tracks and motorways providing a Hassel free travel in the city of Lampang. Overall employment position in the city of Lampang is pretty good and favorable to the graduates and master degree holders of multiple fields.

Jobs in Lampang

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