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Jobs in Lambare | Job Opportunities in Lambare

Lambare is a city of Central Department in eastern Paraguay under the administration of Gran Asuncion metropolitan area. As per national population census conducted during 2009, there are more than 1.4 million inhabitants in Lambare. Predominant religion of the city is Christianity whereas other followers including, Roman Catholic, evangelical Christian, mainline Protestant, Jewish (Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform), Mormon and Baha’i are well-known religious groups with the addition of huge Muslim community. Majority of the local residents is inspired from the western life style. Youngsters in Lambare love to follow the changing trends and fashion of Hollywood actors. War of Triple Alliance caused heavy destruction and loss of human life that badly disturbed the economic infrastructure of Paraguay but presently its affect has been reduced up to minimum level.

Major economic reliance of the city is on its agricultural, industrial reformation, science & technology and tourism industry. People love to study about science and technology as well as information technology & administrative sciences. Educational system in Lambare is well organized and serves the nation with true letters and spirit. Crime rate in Paraguay is bit high and government is planning to introduce stern punishment to the rebels and law violators. Night life of the Paraguay is fully equipped with the latest and trendy facilities for the adults in almost all the pubs and casinos leading to overcrowded during holidays and on weekends.

Tourism industry of the Lambare is earning handsome income from the foreigner travelers who love to explore its ancient buildings, natural resorts and night life of the city. Lambare offers an excellent living standard to its occupants and guarantees a safe & secure society. There are several job opportunities for the degree holders of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences with reasonable pay perks.

Jobs in Lambare

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Lambare

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Lambare

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Lambare

Management & Administration Jobs in Lambare


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