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Jobs in Kulob | Job Opportunities in Kulob

Kulob is a city in Kulob district of Tajikistan. It is situated on the Yakhsu River and considered to be the biggest cities in the country. It is estimated that there are more than 140,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted in 2006. Kulob was called Khatlon during 17th century but after the fall of Bukhara Emirate, the city became an industrial center during the Soviet era and its name changed as Kulob. September 2006 was a memorable year as it completed 2700 year of its existence. During the domination period of Afghanistan, the city was a main hub of producing Tobacco and frequent influx of tobacco species were in common trade. Present economic situation of the city is not stable and often remain under poverty line that is a main cause of increasing crimes in the city.

Tourists love to visit this city because of the shrine of a famous sufi scholar and poet Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani. Overall Tajikistan is in the stage of reformation of its infrastructure and it is envisaged that coming years will change the glimpse of Kulob owing to rapid technological advancement in the system. Electronic research centers are redesigned to attract the youngsters towards education.

Kulob city is producing handicrafts and artificial jewelry that is mainly attracted by the northern areas. Foreigners love to buy such products in bulk quantity to preserve the sweet memories of their recreational trip to Kulob. Information technology advancement in the city is creating many new jobs for the skilled professionals of marketing and finance graduates with excellent career growth and fringe benefits.

Jobs in Kulob

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