Jobs in Korfez

Jobs in Korfez | Job Opportunities in Korfez

Korfez is a municipality and constituency of the Kocaeli zone of Turkey. It is being bordered by the Sile, Derince, Dilovası and Gebze from its west locations and most of the land areas in Korfez are ranked and segregated for the agricultural activities and different industrial units like light house, light industry of Korfez, textile sector, civil service section and service industries comprising upon national and international banking & financial leasing houses of Korfez. It is a major trading center of textile products among other cities and producer towns of Turkey and large annual share from the stock exchange of Korfez is collected that indicate a prosperous financial position of the individual population and better living standards in the society of Korfez. Majority of the population is working for private employers whilst rest of the population in Korfez prefers government employment.

Schools and colleges in Korfez provide a better learning trend to the students and promote awareness about higher education to the computer and telecommunication students. Graduation and master degree holder students of Korfez get better employment chances whereas semi skilled and unskilled people of Korfez work for production areas in labor categories of the city. Keeping in view the growing population and increasing strength of the young aged community, government and local authorities of the township plans new developmental projects to provide more and more job vacancies and opportunities to the local population of Turkey.

Natural areas and tourist attraction in Korfez add up in national income and GDP therefore government focus on tourism industry by spending huge amount on the restoration and restructuring of its old monuments and cultural heritage of Korfez. Presently with the industrial up rise many new jobs are arisen in Korfez for the professionals of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences.

Jobs in Korfez

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Korfez

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Korfez

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Korfez

Management & Administration Jobs in Korfez

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