Jobs in Konya

Jobs in Konya | Job Opportunities in Konya

Konya is a city of Turkey located in the Central Anatolia Region. It is the capital city of Konya Province with an estimated population of 1,003,373 in 2009. Konya has very extreme climate and observed hot & dry during summers with an average temperature of 30-40°C. There are numerous elementary and secondary institutes leading to gradate modules. Selcuk University was established in 1975 in Turkey carrying 76080 registered students in 2008-09 academic sessions. Culturally western life style is dominant in the entire turkey and Konya is on top in following latest trends. Youngsters love to remain in pubs and casinos during their free time. There is main influence of industrial development in Konya and government has provided rebates on trade that contributes in add up of GDP.

Konya’s economy base upon production of Turkish carpets that are well in demand in the entire Turkey and huge quantity is exported in the neighboring markets. Textiles industry of Konya comprises upon table sheets and bed sheets along with bulk production of knitted garments. Tourism in Konya is developing in this age because of the heavy influx of visitors annually. Spending of huge budget in the development of natural forest resorts and artistically constructed parks entice majority of the foreigners.

Development reforms in the educational sector in Turkey have made it possible to expect an upcoming generation in Konya will be highly educated and keen of information technology. Present industrial development has provided many job opportunities for talented candidates in the fields of information technology, sales and marketing, accounts and finance as well as administrative sector. Job timings are bit high than scheduled time that cause high rate of overtime payments in Konya.

Jobs in Konya

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Konya

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Konya

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Konya

Management & Administration Jobs in Konya


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