Jobs in Konibodom

Jobs in Konibodom | Job Opportunities in Konibodom

Konibodom is a medium sized city and community of the Tajikistan and carries nearly 68,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is exactly located in the Fergana Valley of Tajikistan and provides a real tourist attraction and beauty to the visitors and sight seers. It is a triangle valley having many fun time places, income generation sources, best tourist destination with loads of industries and factories in its administration promoting its international trade and merchant ship. Konibodom has many underground preserves of different minerals and expensive metals including coal, iron, sulfur, gypsum, rock-salt, lacustrine salt, naphtha and some small known oil treasury. Mining firms of the Konibodom town are graded as most wealthy industries and biggest employers of the country providing different job vacancies to the job seekers of Tajikistan.

Konibodom has nearly 10,000 km2 fertile agricultural cum cultivated land areas of the society where loads of products, crops, vegetables and pulses are grown and most of the products are shipped in the western markets and other areas of the world where there is high demand. Apart from agricultural growth of Konibodom, there are any other industries and related businesses observed in the city providing an ideal and better life style with higher per capita income to the population of Konibodom including self employed business, private employment or construction industry of the country.

There are many shopping malls, theaters, clubs and night places of the city offering real and great fun time to the participants with colorful activities and recreational services. Konibodom town is graded as medium sized city contain almost all type of seasons providing a better and ideal location to come for reside, ride or walk as well as get different services and facilities in Konibodom offered by the state authorities.

Jobs in Konibodom

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