Jobs in Kofarnihon

Jobs in Kofarnihon | Job Opportunities in Kofarnihon

Kofarnihon is a Persian pronunciation ad is a foremost municipality in western Tajikistan 11 km of Dushanbe. In past it was changed by many names and different tittles were awarded to the nation. Once it was called by the name of “a place where unbelievers hide” and also as Yangi-Bazar till 1935. History of the city indicate tht its links are very old. Its association and signs of inhabitancy are linked with BC times. Kofarnihon is a growing city and community of Tajikistan that has main depend on its agricultural growth consisting upon cropping for wheat, rice, cotton and gram whilst in villages most of the people are linked with the farming business and dealing for silk farms, fruit farms, poultry farms and cattle farms to meet all the required shortage in Kofarnihon.

With the agricultural businesses the city of Kofarnihon gets two benefits in one go like better influx of poultry byproducts as well as high profit margins collected from sale of the same. Kofarnihon town is labeled as main place producing textile garments and woven products as well as many flat carpet making industries are also running from the small scaled domestic units. Most of the handicrafts and jewelry items are made in small scaled cottage industries of Kofarnihon and associated personnel gets their daily bread and butter from such tasks.

Job vacancies and recreational activities are both good in the city as both the options are available abundantly. There are many new industries and units in process so they hires the manpower frequently whilst public places and recreational spots of Kofarnihon remained crowded during evenings and on holidays in Tajikistan. There are many jobs in Kofarnihon for the professionals of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences.

Jobs in Kofarnihon

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Kofarnihon

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Kofarnihon

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Kofarnihon

Management & Administration Jobs in Kofarnihon

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