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Jobs in Kigoma | Job Opportunities in Kigoma

Kigoma is a medium sized town and lake port in western Tanzania close to the edge of Burundi. It is the capital of surrounding Kigoma Region having a population of 150,234 inhabitants as per census conducted in 2007. Kigoma is busiest port on Lake Tanganyika esteemed with the huge trading ships. Maximum trade products of the port are textile, leather, electronics and gaming zones. Tanzanian Government announces advancement in fisheries department. Numerous port facilities are reformed with large cold storage areas. Transportation system of the city is pretty good that comprises upon highways, railway carriage track and air routes. Neighboring villages of the Tanzania districts use the highways to carry agricultural crops in the Kigoma markets in short span of time whereas huge consignments are shipped via railways.

Few industries of coil processing and stone crashing engage majority of the local tenants in employment. There are only a few tourist spots in Kigoma lying beside the seaport, Ferrari jungle resort is from one of them, mainly visited by the youngsters. Fun time lover’s spot in Kigoma is heart tomb containing the myth of love and affection of a fairy tale. Overall economic infrastructure of the city is not stable but recently government has developed new policies and future plans with the hope for noticeable growth in economic cycle till 2012.

Education development and increase in literacy ratio are a vital part of economic stability therefore Kigoma local government has showed great concern in the reformation of new academic schools and colleges. It is aimed by the government to drag the literacy level in the town till zero and entice adults to come for schools. Scientific research center plays an important part in the development of mental approach and conceptual skills useful for the state in Tanzania.

Jobs in Kigoma

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