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Jobs in Kigali | Job opportunities in Kigali

Kigali is the capital and biggest city of Rwanda. It is to be found in the center of the nation, and has been the economic, cultural, and transport hub of Rwanda since it became capital at independence in 1962. The most important habitation and offices of the President of Rwanda are to be found in the city, as are the government ministries. The city is coterminous with the province of Kigali City, which was enlarged in January 2006 as part of local government reorganization in the country. The city’s metropolitan area covers about 70% of the metropolitan boundaries.

Kigali was urbanized in 1907 under German colonial rule, but did not become the capital until Rwandan independence in 1962. The traditional capital was the chair of the mwami king in Nyanza, while the grand seat of power was in Butare, at that time known as Astrida. Butare was originally the leading contender to be the capital of the new free nation, but Kigali was selected because of its additional central position. Since then the city has grown very rapidly and is now the major political, economic and cultural center of Rwanda.

The city is built in mountainous country, extensive across about four ridges and the valleys in between. The city center is situated on one of these ridges, with the major government vicinity on another. The tops of the ridges have an average altitude of 1,600m while the valleys are around 1,300m. The larger houses and office buildings tend to be on the tops of the ridges, while the poorer people survive in the valleys. The city is ringed majority of the way surrounding by higher hills, with some uptown sprawl raising these. The uppermost of these is Mt. Kigali, with an altitude of 1,850m above sea level.

Tin ore is mined close by, and the city built a smelting plant in the 1980s. Business in Rwanda is increasing, and a lot of new buildings are rising across the city, including the BCDI tower and the Centenary House office block. Tourism and expatriate NGO workers provide important input into the economy also.

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