Jobs in Kibuye

Jobs in Kibuye | Job Opportunities in Kibuye

Kibuye is a municipality in Karongi borough of the nation and considered as the resource community of the Rwanda. It is officially located in the western banks of the Lake Kivu and sandwiched by Gisenyi and Cyangugu. Due to cultural importance and tourist point of view it is considered as highly visitor oriented community and region of the country that is skimming its resource much from its tourism industry and allied businesses of service sector. Often it is remembered as beach town. Financially it is a growing community having major depend on its income generating options and channels like commercial trade, textile production, yarn and cotton processing and at the same time major exports to the western market. Kibuye is a mixed community of different nationalities and population groups but all of the people live together in friendly relations.

There are quite a few medical facilities and health care units of eh society providing best medical treatment and services on the eleventh hour to the deserving and ailing people. Kibuye is linked with other cities and towns of Rwanda with highways and railways and some major areas of the country are also practicing air routes but that services are pretty expensive so most admiring and favorite traveling modes of Kibuye are commercial buses and self driven transportation.

Tourism industry is a biggest section of earning and providing different job options to the job seekers of Kibuye. Mostly students and job seekers are employed in Kibuye in manufacturing units whereas tourism industry also boosts the hotel and service sector so loads of new jobs are arisen frequently in the city of Kibuye with attractive and competitive pay perks and career growth.

Jobs in Kibuye

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