Jobs in Khujand

Jobs in Khujand | Job Opportunities in Khujand

Khujand is the second biggest city of Tajikistan located on the Syr Darya River beside Fergana Valley. The population statistics shows that the city contains 249,000 inhabitants. Classical heroes state that present Greek settlement was established near Khujand in 329 BC. Major exports of Tajikistan are shipped via northern Silk Road. This road connects to the other main cities and very helpful for the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. Natural resources are main sector of earning foreign revenues and strengthen the economy. Overall structure of the state is in growing phase and depending much on technical advancement in the city of Khujand. Educational structure is expanding rapidly and globalization has started affecting the culture. Education is most important factor of success therefore government is investing much in structural enhancements.

Main business of the Khujand’s inhabitant is agriculture, mainly producing gram, wheat, soybean, Ramallah and cotton. Handicrafts and flat carpets are manufactured in small domestic industries that is also an obstacle in the success of education, therefore, it is strongly checked that there should be no manipulation of labor acts. Tourism industry of Tajikistan is mainly dependent of the natural beauty of Khujand containing beautiful lakes and small forests with plenty of wild animals.

Overall weather condition in Khujand is reasonable and remains pleasant during summer. Average temperature during June remains 32 °C. Good economic growth and numerous manufacturing industries provide variety of job opportunities in the fields of information technology. Computer use is mandatory in all the departments; therefore, computer literate employees are preferred in the Khujand. Sales and marketing jobs are offered to the students who love to work in part time whereas management jobs are offered on very enticing pay perks. Khujand is loved by tourists due to the ruins of Alexander II.

Jobs in Khujand

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Sales & Marketing Jobs in Khujand

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