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Keetmanshoop is a city located in the Karas Region of southern Namibia, situated on the Trans-Namib Railway from Windhoek to Upington in South Africa. The city is given name in the honor of Johann Keetman, a German industrialist and founder of the city. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the region was called Nu-gouses, which means "Black Marsh" and represented the presence of a spring in the region. In 1860 the Rhenish Missionary Society founded a mission there to Christianize the local Nama. The first missionary, Johann Georg Schröder, arrived in the city in 1866, which is known as the establishment date of the city. The mission station was named after the German trader Johann Keetman who assisted the mission financially, but never really visited the place himself.

The Keetmanshoop Museum is situated in the Rhenish Mission Church, a building established in 1895. The church was acknowledged as historic monument in 1978 and is a famous landmark. Its exclusive combination of Gothic architecture cast in African stone makes it one of the architectural masterpieces in the country and a famous tourist destination. Another famous building is the post office, established in 1910. The town is located close to two quiver tree forests and the Naute Dam and is a vital center of the Karakul sheep farming community. J. Stephanus Stadium is situated in Keetmanshoop and it contains Fedics United F.C., a football team in the Namibia Premier League.

The city has free education for 10 years between the ages of 6 and 16. Grades 1-7 are primary level, grades 8-12 secondary. In 1998, 4,325 students are enrolled in different schools of the city. The pupil-teacher ratio in 1999 was estimated at 32:1, with about 8% of the GDP being spent on education. The majority of the schools in Namibia are state-run, but still, a few private schools that serve the country’s education system.

Jobs in Keetmanshoop

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