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Jobs in Kayseri | Job Opportunities in Kayseri

Kayseri is a main industrialized city in Central Anatolia of Turkey declared as the seat of Kayseri Province. The city recognized as Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and is composed of five districts named Kocasinan, Melikgazi, Hacilar, Incesu and Talas. With these five districts, Kayseri carries a major portion of Turkey’s population in its area ranging from 700,000~ 750,000 inhabitants. There are some hill stations in the city that provide beautiful scenery and Mount Erciyes is ranked high in this counting. The city of Kayseri is a mixture of wealth, modernity and provincial economic stability in the first ranking among Turkey’s cities that are called Anatolian Tigers. Apart from economic growth, the city is also rich in its culture and historical monuments. The city of Kayseri is a main city of trade carried out by the china silk route and earning huge foreign reserves.

Due to high influx of visitors in the Kayseri city, government has invested huge budget on recreational spots and reformed new hill stations and forest resorts. Visitors love to roam around Seljuk monuments, Mount Erciyes, alpinism center, Zamant River, Talas and develi. These visiting spots are observed crowded during weekends and on public holidays.

The city of Kayseri is a populated Christian dominated city in Turkey that has good track record of its increasing economic growth rate during last few years and in this age the city is a hot spot for relocating individuals due to plentiful job opportunities in different fields. Skilled personnel of Information technology and Marketing are engaged on good pay perks in the industrial sector and accountants are high in demand in the manufacturing industries of the Kayseri city.

Jobs in Kayseri

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