Jobs in Katima Mulilo

Jobs in Katima Mulilo | Job opportunities in Katima Mulilo

Katima Mulilo is the official capital state of the Caprivi band of Namibia’s east extension. It is a place where two main electoral constituencies of Katima Mulilo Rural and Katima Mulilo Urban are available and providing an active leadership for the growth of democracy in the country. Often it called and spoken as Katima that is a place and society of about 42,134 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2011. It is linked with the other cities and community of the country in Namibia by means of paved roads and highways as well as railway network and air routes. Basically it is a striving and struggling community of the country that is intact with the industries and commercial activities of the region and mostly textile firms and FMCG goods are largely produced in the city of Katima Mulilo.

Economy and developments of the city of Katima Mulilo are linked with the annual budgets segregated by the state authorities and many schools and other departments of basic life are under construction in the city. Zambezi River Bridge acts a main role to connect Zambian territories with the deep sea harbor that is main income generation source through water based channel of Katima Mulilo. There are mostly missionary schools and institutes that provide better education and basic healthcare facilities in the city.

Some of the main locations providing education and better employment opportunities in Katima Mulilo include The Seventh day Adventists, Katima High School, Caprivi Secondary School, Kizito Secondary School, Ngweze Secondary School, Mavuluma Secondary School and Zambezi Vocational Center. With the passage of time many developments and growth is observed in the industry and commercial channels providing a better income generation source of the country.

Jobs in Katima Mulilo

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