Jobs in Karabuk

Jobs in Karabuk | Job Opportunities in Karabuk

Karabuk is a settlement and the official capital borough of Karabuk region in the Black Sea expanse of Turkey and contains nearly 180 167 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. It is spread over estimated land areas of about 765 km2 on an elevation of 355 meters high above the sea level. It is a major township and city of the country where loads of steel processing unit and allied departments of trade and exchange are functioning and providing best employment opportunities and job vacancies to the job seekers of Karabuk. Economy and financial position of the township is good and dependant of many other products an industries of Karabuk like textile units, light industry, trading concerns, cottage industry and electronic cum automobile assembly plants whereas telecommunication and information technology are foremost production units of the city.

It is linked with different paved highways, super ways roads providing an easy access to the distant areas of the country and with the tremendous road conditions and paved highways commercial trade has been increased in the Karabuk town eventually opening news doors of investments and production of allied commodities as well as increase in the tourism industry has also been observed and its all due to the rapid and continuous efforts of the state authorities in Karabuk.

There are many beautiful parks, pubs, night clubs, disco centers, museums and monuments of Karabuk frequently visited by the local personnel and nearby tourists and history loving students. Medical units and healthcare centers of Karabuk are better employment place for the paramedical staff and doctors. Apart from paramedical staff there are many jobs in Karabuk for the professionals of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences with attractive pay perks.

Jobs in Karabuk

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Karabuk

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Karabuk

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Karabuk

Management & Administration Jobs in Karabuk

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