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Jobs in Kara | Job Opportunities in Kara

Kara is a northern city of Togo located in Kara Region 400 km north of the capital Lome. Togo is surrounded by the neighboring countries of Cameroon, Nigeria and Gabon having strong international relations influencing the foreign trades. Kara carries an estimated population of 209,290 inhabitants as per national census conducted in 2007. Haugeau River flows beside the beautiful valleys presenting an excellent scenic view to the tourists. City is reliant in the industrial developments for future economic stability in Kara therefore government of Togo has segregated enough budget for the reformation of the city.

Traditional wrestling competitions are frequently arranged in the city to entice majority of the foreigners. Ancient colonies have developed into modern towns in this age in entire Togo and Kara’s success is directly proportional to the native social developments. Second World War has left several bad affects in the ruined infrastructure requiring due attention for its reformation.

Kara is major exporter of electrical products, agricultural products, textile and leather as well as up to some extent natural resources in the European markets earning reasonable foreign capital. Textile industry of the Kara city engages majority of the skilled force of information technology and marketing individuals with good pay perks whereas administrative posts are announced by the local government. Working environment in the Togo is quite enticing and employee’s turnover in Kara is very low that speaks as lucrative fringe benefits are offered to them.

Jobs in Kara

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