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Jobs in Kaolack | Job Opportunities in Kaolack

Kaolack is a municipality of 262,305 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is located on the flowing River Banks of Saloum River in Senegal. It is one of the under developed area in the country but different developments are in process in this time. Kaolack is the descendant metropolitan in Kahone province in kingdom of Saloum. In history it was called as a sacred town due to a tree myth called as a secret tree of Kaolack. Most of the population of Senegal focus and rely on agricultural cropping as it is the basic need to feed the family so wheat and gram are sowed on large scales and with proper irrigation system water based crops like rice is also grown in the watery land areas of Kaolack.

Kaolack Market is a famous and busiest place of the city where many traders, investors and merchants of consumer goods and industrial products exchange their goods & services. It is served by different traveling modes and features like commercial bus services, self driven vehicles, auto cabs and railway network. Railway journey in Senegal is dreamed to be swift services whilst roads and highways are somehow good. Kaolack is practicing different technological support like telecommunication devices, information technology and swift monetary transactions worldwide.

Medical services and facilities provided in the state hospitals and allied dispensaries are sufficient but latest technology and medical devices are more important therefore government is trying to combat with several health issues and challenges by large investment, paramedical staff training and numerous refresher courses for the doctors and nurses in Kaolack. Healthcare units and education department of Kaolack are better employment providers in the city.

Jobs in Kaolack

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