Jobs in Kaohsiung City

Jobs in Kaohsiung City | Job Opportunities in Kaohsiung City

Kaohsiung City is located in southwestern Taiwan enclosed with Kaohsiung regional districts. Kaohsiung, officially named Kaohsiung City is alienated into eleven districts and two major municipalities administrated by the Republic of China. It is envisaged that this joint venture will create a new world map comprising upon a larger municipality by the end of this year. Kaohsiung is a thick populated and biggest city in Taiwan with an estimated population of 1.6 million inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2009. Economically Kaohsiung City is reliant on manufacturing, refining, shipbuilding and other light & heavy industries contributing major add up in national income. Kaohsiung City posses a major seaport in the shores of its neighboring ocean used for Taiwan’s marine import & exports in the European markets.

Kaohsiung International Airport is the busiest center of commercial and domestic flights enabling several passengers to reach on their desired destination in time. Seaport of Kaohsiung city is considered as the biggest harbor in Taiwan connected with a well organized transportation infrastructure including railway stations of Western Line, Pingtung Line and Taiwan High Speed Rail that connects with Taipei City. Overall climate of the city is observed as Tropical and humid during summers whereas during winter the climate remain cool & calm. During the ruling period of Japanese, Kaohsiung city was developed rapidly that created new technologically advancements.

Kaohsiung city has very beautiful and attractive visiting spots for the recreation of tourists comprising upon Love River, Urban Spotlight Arcade, Tuntex Sky Tower, World Games Stadium, Liuhe Night Market, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Cihou Fort, Qijin Ferry, Old City of Zuoying and Chai Mountain. Manufacturing concerns of the city has engaged many tenants in employment in the fields of information technology, sales and marketing, accounting and finance and administrative cadres with excellent career path.

Jobs in Kaohsiung City

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Kaohsiung City

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Kaohsiung City

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Kaohsiung City

Management & Administration Jobs in Kaohsiung City


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