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Kano is the second biggest city in Nigeria after Lagos and is the capital of Kano State. Kano is situated in Northern Nigeria and the estimated population of the city is around 3,626,068 (2009). The main residents of the city are Hausa people. Hausa Language is mainly spoken by the majority of the people living in Kano. The ruler of the city is called the Emir of Kano, and the present Emir of the city is Ado Bayero, has been on the throne since 1963. The city contains the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, the major airport serving northern Nigeria and was named after Nigerian politician Aminu Kano.

It is the historical center of economy of northern Nigeria, and a major market for the production and export of groundnuts. The city contains the Bayero University and a railway station with trains to Lagos routed through Kaduna, while Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport is located close to the city. Because Kano is north of the rail junction at Kaduna, it has equal access to the seaports at Lagos and Port Harcourt. Previously the city was walled and most of the gates to the Old City are still intact. The Old City houses the vast Kurmi Market, known for its crafts, while old dye pits are still in use and are located nearby. Also in the Old City are the Emir’s Palace, the Great Mosque, and the Gidan Makama Mosque. Kano has six districts. They are the Old City, Bompai, Fagge, Sabon Gari, Syrian Quarter, and Nassarawa. The city also has the Gidan Makama Museum Kano, housed in a 15th century building that is a National Monument. Water is supplied to the city from nearby Challawa Gorge Dam, which is also being considered as a source of hydro power.

The people of the city host a Durbar to mark and celebrate the two annual Muslim festivals and Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. The city of Kano is mainly a Muslim city. The majority of Kano Muslims are Sunni, though a minority adheres to the Shia branch. Christians and followers of other non-Muslim religions form a small part of the population, and traditionally lived in the Sabon Gari, or Foreign Quarter. Christians alone comprise about 1% of the population.


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