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Jobs in Kairouan | Job Opportunities in Kairouan

Kairouan city is the capital of the Kairouan Governorate in Tunisia. Owing to the Islamic Cultural Capital, it is a world heritage site of UNESCO. The city of Kairouan-Tunisia was established by the Arabian conquerors in 670 AD during the ruling period of Caliph Muawiya. With the huge occupancy of the Muslims in 670 AD, number of new mosques and Islamic centers were structured and planned for the future spiritual gatherings. A large number Muslims from various regions of the world subsequently Mecca and Medina started relocating in this city because Kairouan-Tunisia is considered fourth holiest city of Islam by many Muslims. It is estimated that there are more than 300,000 inhabitants in the town. As majority of the tenants is Muslim, therefore, main education of the city is dominant by the Islamic thoughts.

Western educational standards are not encouraged. Apart from the structured educational building, several mosques are used by the Imams to teach the younger about Islamic religion and Ahadees. The most significant mosque of Kairouan-Tunisia is the Great Mosque of Sidi-Uqba, familiar with the Myth that seven pilgrimages to this mosque is considered equivalent to one pilgrimage to Mecca. After the establishment of this Great Mosque, Kairouan became an Islamic and Quranic learning center.

Being the fourth holiest city of Islam after the counting of Mecca and Medina, there are several mosques excellent in structure and inner space that are main attraction of the tourists. Some of them are Mosque of the Three Gates & Mosque of the Barber. Owing to 4th holiest city, Islamic research centers are increasing day by day in Kairouan-Tunisia, therefore, information technology has played a vital role in research. There are many job options for the educated individuals of Accounting, Sales and Marketing and administrative sectors with reasonable pay structure and relaxed working environment along with noticeable career progression.

Jobs in Kairouan

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Kairouan

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Kairouan

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Kairouan

Management & Administration Jobs in Kairouan


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