Jobs in Jendouba

Jobs in Jendouba | Job Opportunities in Jendouba

Jendouba is an Arabic word that describes as a link between two things. It is a bulky metropolis in northwestern Tunisia and the official capital place of the Jendouba administration. Different other towns and nations are connects by the city of Jendouba and keeping in view its crossroad intersection its name was derived linking to the El Kef, Tabarka, Ain Draham and Beja. Agriculture is the biggest economy factor and income generating source of the city. Villagers and farmers of Jendouba produce different crops during the years like sugarcane, wheat, rice and vegetables whereas as a supporting helpful profession that is widely adopted in Jendouba is farming of different categories ad products like cattle farming, bee farming, poultry farming and animal breeding. There are many houses in the city that provide Hilal meat and related products that are beloved foodstuff of the entire Muslim community.

Education is considered as an important factor of success and progress of any city therefore government and local authorities are in great strive to provide best infrastructure and facilities in the schools, colleges and vocational training locations of Jendouba to prepare an educated and learned generation. Medical sciences and engineering lines are frequently chosen by gradation students as both carry good financial career for the professionals and degree holders of different technologies.

Government of the country is trying to create as much tourist attraction in the cities as can produce much foreign capital from its recreational sources therefore parks and public places are equipped with full safety measures and public interests cum facilities like free internet in Jendouba. There are many jobs in Jendoubac available for the professionals of information technology and management sciences with good pay perks and career path in Tunisia.

Jobs in Jendouba

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Jendouba

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Jendouba

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Jendouba

Management & Administration Jobs in Jendouba

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