Jobs in Janakpur

Jobs in Janakpur | Job opportunities in Janakpur

Janakpuris one of the Ancient Township and community of Nepal that is carrying around 100,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Majority of the people in Janakpur belongs to the religious activities of Hindus and proclaim to be the strong followers of same. Overall financial system and national economy of Janakpur is ranked as one of the speedy developing cities in Nepal and administrates and works for superior health care facilities, attractive educational places and best use of its land areas for better agricultural tasks and expensive cropping. Financial position of the city is pretty good and in the same time employment rate and buying capacity of the city is relatively high as compare to the cities and communities of the country. Some of the major employers and highly rewarding units’ head of the city include medical hospitals, educational places offering great jobs and Janakpur Cigarette Factory.

Janakpur is easily accessible and approachable from the country by means of better railway services, best commercial transportation and public buses, self driven vehicles and several air routes operated by the major airline companies of the nation. Janakpur Railway and cabs cum taxis are mostly preferred and highly admired channels for traveling in the city. With the passage of time entire system and infrastructure of the city is increasing and providing best use of the same.

Entertainment and recreational channels are main platform to refresh and relax the general public as well as national and international travelers of the community in Janakpur. There are numerous recreational places like shopping malls, theaters, night clubs, disco spots and hotels offering great recreational trends in the city. There are many jobs in Janakpur city for the professionals of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences.

Jobs in Janakpur

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Janakpur

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Janakpur

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Janakpur

Management & Administration Jobs in Janakpur

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