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Jobs in Jableh | Job Opportunities in Jableh

Jableh is a historic city and oldest towns of Mediterranean in Syria containing around 120,000 inhabitants in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Jableh was fraction of the Antioch and historic links of the city are attached with 06th century and oldest time period of the city also reveals its ancient cultural activities, affiliations and moderns trends of living in the city of Jableh. There are more Muslim people residing in the city as compare to any other religion and due to large gatherings of Muslim community there are many Mosques, gathering halls, community centers and related institutes of a perfect Muslim community of the world. Financial trend and dependency of the nation is towards agricultural growth, industrial up rise and tourism places of the society attracting a large number of international travelers in its destinations.

There are many beautiful and ancient public places, learning centers, healthcare units and medical centers of the city offering excellent medical treatment and remedies to the suffering people of Jableh. Computer technology has influenced the entire infrastructure and almost all the sectors and places are utilizing the same invention that has reduced the chances of errors and mistakes in documents and many other supportive functions of daily life in Jableh. Presently literacy ratio of the city is reasonable but needed much to increase the same with higher figure.

There are numerous fun time places and recreational spots of Jableh offering attractive fun time options and amusements activities of Jableh in different shopping malls, theaters,, night clubs, disco centers, pubs and many other ancient hotels and resorts. Some of the most appreciated and highly visited spots of the city include the old city of Jableh, Marqab Castle, Town of Safita, Beit el-Baik Palace, Hosn Suleiman Temple and Drekish town-resort.

Jobs in Jableh

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