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Jobs in Jabaliya | Job Opportunities in Jabaliya

Jabaliya is a city of Palestine situated 3 kilometers north of Gaza City. It is administrated by North Gaza Governorate, in the Gaza Strip. An estimated population of the Jabaliya city is around 90,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2007. Jabaliya has very old existence on earth dating back to the 8th century BC showing prove of Christian community in the early Islamic period with excellent skills of artistic creation. There are several monastery in Jabaliya discovered during working on the Salah ad-Din Road of Byzantine period and later on exhume by Palestinian Department of Antiquities. Presently government of the town has preserved these historical discoveries to avoid from the weather affects. It is also famous for its fertile soil and citrus trees.

Israeli troops remain attacking the area since so long and battle for freedom has destroyed the infrastructure, buildings and agricultural lands. Jabalia has been facing high rate of male pseudo hermaphrodite births due to poor medication facilities in the area. Pseudo hermaphrodite patients sometime remain undetected for many years but presently it is noticed by the government seriously to overcome the deficiencies in Jabaliya. Education level of the city is not good due to uncertain political issues and less per capital income in the area.

Presently government has announced certain rebate packages for foreign investors in the area. Telecommunication, electronic media and industrial revival is most essential aspect to uplift its national economy. New innovation has opened new doors for the talented students of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences with the reasonable salary structure in Jabaliya.

Jobs in Jabaliya

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Jabaliya

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Jabaliya

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Jabaliya

Management & Administration Jobs in Jabaliya


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