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Jobs in Izmir | Job Opportunities in Izmir

Izmir is a city in western Turkey. It is the third largest city and second biggest port after Istanbul in Turkey. It is located along with the distant waters of the Gulf of Izmir beside Aegean Sea. The city of Izmir is consisted upon several districts and towns. It is the oldest city of Turkey which has more than 3,500 years old historic culture. Turkey’s workforce is consisted upon young professionals. As per national census conducted in 2009, there are more than 2,727,968 inhabitants in the city. Economic structure of the city is reasonably stable. Izmir has main focus on the development of small scaled industry. Main sectors of earning the foreign reserves in turkey are agricultural products, textile manufacturing and leather industry.

Tourism is also a big source of strengthening the economic infrastructure of entire turkey and Izmir is carrying a major portion of tourism spots in its possession. There is a plenty of museums, historic buildings, trendy shopping malls, hill stations, well equipped resorts and hotels that entice foreigners to come and explore the inner beauty of the town. Clock tower of Izmir is very famous in this regard. Another small business in Izmir city is to grow and nourish the birds and sale them in the relevant markets due to birds loving nature of the town inhabitants.

Overall stable economic growth of the city has a great impact in living standard and nature of the tenants therefore they have higher spending power. Small scaled industries have variety of job openings for the skilled personnel of information technology, sales and marketing, accountancy and managerial cadre. Relaxed working environment and high paid jobs is a main motivational tool for the relocating people in the Turkey. Izmir is considered to be a well paid city therefore it is noticed in last decade that relocation rate of neighboring countries is very high in the town.

Jobs in Izmir

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