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Istanbul is the main city in Turkey and fifth biggest city in the world with a populace of around 12.6 million. Istanbul is a mega city and a economic center of Turkey. The city consists of 39 districts of the Istanbul province. It is situated on the Bosporus Strait and encompasses the natural harbor known as the Golden Horn, in the northwest of the country. It extends both on the European and on the Asian sides of the Bosporus. Hence it is the only capital in the world that is sited on two continents.

Istanbul has a gentle weather. But Istanbul is located within a climatic switch zone between marine and dry climates. In summer the weather in Istanbul is hot and humid. The temperature between June and September is averaging 28 °C. During winter it is freezing, wet and often snowy, averaging 5 °C. The humidity of the city is continuously high which makes the air feel much harsher than the real temperatures.

Istanbul is situated in the north-west Marmara area of Turkey. It encloses the southern Bosporus which places the city on two continents. The western part of Istanbul is in Europe, while the eastern part is in Asia. The city boundaries cover a surface area of 1,830.92 square kilometers, while the town area, or the Province of Istanbul, covers 6,220 square kilometers.

Istanbul is situated near the North Anatolian fault line, which runs from northern Anatolia to the Marmara Sea. Two tectonic plates, the African and the Eurasian, push against each other here. This fault line has been guilty for quite a few deadly earthquakes in the region throughout history. In 1509 a catastrophic earthquake caused a tsunami which broke over the sea-walls of the city, destroying over 100 mosques and killing 10,000 people.

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