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Isparta is a conurbation in western Turkey and at the same time it is recalled by the name of Isparta prefecture containing nearly 300,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. It is around 1034 meters high above the sea level and due to pretty presentations and scenery it is also memorized by the title of “City of Roses”. The major income generating aspects and channels of basic life in Isparta include rosewater and handmade carpet production as well as flat carpets are made on large scale in the city and exported in the demanding western countries. It is one of the major tourist attractions and a large revenue share is collected from its tourism place. The title of “biblical tourism” provide an important role in its tourism industry as most of the civilians and external people love to visit its historic and religion monuments of Isparta.

Education sector of the city of Isparta is linked with numerous international standards and most of the private educational institute’s follow different international standards like oxford or any other highly accredited education system whereas government offered cum run schools are not as much appreciated due to lack of different basic needs and equipment therefore government of Isparta is trying to increase its educational standard by investing a large amount on the restoration and restructuring of its unattended departments in Isparta.

There are many historic buildings in the city of Isparta having high attraction for the international visitors that love to come and explore its natural beautify and historic destinations in Isparta. Some of the most important and frequently visited places of the Isparta town include Ottoman Hizir Bey Mosque, the Kutlubey or Ulu mosque, Haci Abdi mosque and architect Mimar Sinan. Isparta has also good acquaintances with the other parts of Turkey and strong commercial bonds ensure large influx of foreign capital.

Jobs in Isparta

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