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Jobs in Idlib | Job Opportunities in Idlib

Idlib city is located in northwestern region of Syria occupying a rich & fertile basin among Aleppo and Latakia. Idlib is an agricultural city mainly producing cotton, cereals, olives, figs, grapes, tomatoes, sesame, and almonds. Textile industry of the town is directly affected by the fluctuation in cotton production. Ginning and spinning sectors are in huge quantity engaged in meeting the required targets of cotton & grey cloth fabric in the third world countries and Europe. Processing of olive oil is very common in Idlib city and domestically handled products are high in demand in the local market. There is an estimated population of 219,080 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2009 with a major religion of Protestant Christians.

Historic culture and tourism industry of Idlib is a profit making sector. There is a plenty of Tells in the town. Tells are manmade hills and mountains in the dead cities of Syria. Tell Mardikh is a main visiting Tell of that age after Ebla. Historic background of the city links with 3rd millennium BC. With the changing trends in official economic policy, retail trading & oil refineries have been settled to skim the maximum potential of its underground reserves. The large scale hydro electrical and power generating plants are a big source of add national income with the addition of, the railways and a variety of manufacturing plants.

Numerous amusement parks and natural resorts of Syria entice majority of foreigner travelers to come and explore the hidden beauty of Agriculture, forestry, and fishing. Due to huge investments by local government in industrial sector Idlib economy is getting stable day by day and industrial expansions have made it possible to announce new job opportunities for skilled graduates of information technology, sales and marketing, accounting & finance and administrative science with remarkable salary package and certain fringe benefits.

Jobs in Idlib

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