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Jobs in Ibra | Job opportunities in Ibra

Ibra is the subsequent principal metropolis in the Ash Sharqiyah section of Oman and is geographically located in the 144 km of Muscat containing less than 40,000 people in its administration. Historically it is one of the oldest and ancient nations in the country as well graded as foremost trade center, religion spot, educational hub and art center of the country. There are loads of historic sites, destinations and castles & old mosques having high importance for the Muslim population. During 1970 under the administration of Sultan Qaboos, Ibra got steady and rapid developments in it overall structure that made it most updated and advanced community of the country by offering different state offered benefits, advanced societal features and different income oriented projects to make the life style more easy, provide different jobs to the population and increase the life style in Ibra.

Government of Oman is very caring to increase the literacy ratio in Ibra therefore many developments and upgrading of its medical centers, educational places, schools and colleges is in process. Ibra College of Technology, Ibra Nursing Institute and A’Sharqiyah University are foremost and most accredited learning centers of the society offering state of the art educational facilities and latest study subjects to the demanding enrolled students of Oman. It is needed to walk with the time so computer technology and telecommunication devices are highly demanded in the region and mostly students love to study about the same in Oman.

While discussing about other income generating channels of the Ibra town it is concluded that tourism industry of Ibra collects a large annual income from such services of the society. Some of the main and frequently visiting places and tourist destinations of the city include Ibra Souq, shopping malls, hotels, resorts, monuments, museums and different public places of the city.

Jobs in Ibra

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