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Hungary is a country in the Central Europe, surrounded by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. Its capital is Budapest. Hungary’s climate is moderate, with little deviation in the country. July and August are the hottest months, when temperatures may average in the low eighties. The coolest months of winter are usually January and February when temperatures may drop down to the mid-twenties. Snow falls during the winter months. Hungary is an agricultural country; the country is self-sufficient in food. Wheat, corn, sunflower seeds, potatoes, sugar beets, and grapes are the major crops. Pigs, cattle, sheep, and poultry are raised. Hungary is an important producer of bauxite, and deposits of coal, copper, natural gas, oil, and uranium have been exploited as well. There has also been a decline in gas and oil production due to the exhaustion of reserves. Mining and metallurgy are also very important, as is food processing and the manufacture of construction materials, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, and motor vehicles. Germany is the country’s largest trading partner by far, followed by Austria, Italy, and France.

Bacs-Kiskun is a county situated in southern Hungary. The county is acknowledged across Europe for its natural beauty. Kiskunsag National Park is situated in the area. Baranya is the name of a county in Hungary. Baranya has the largest number of minorities in Hungary. Csongrad is a birth place of Serbian writer Milos Crnjanski. Fejer is the name of an administrative county in Central Hungary. It is located on the west bank of the river Danube and nearly touches the eastern shore of Lake Balaton. Heves is a small city in eastern Hungary. Heves is served by a modern bus station near the center of the city.

Language is Hungarian; German. Religion are Roman Catholicism; Reformed Calvinist; Lutheranism; Judaism; Eastern Orthodox Church; other Protestant sects.

Hungarian folk music is known for its pentatonic scale, adapted by such twentieth-century composers as Béla Bartók and Zoltan Kodaly. The csardas is a popular folk dance. Soccer and water polo are both very popular participant sports. Most cities and towns have both indoor and outdoor public pools. Besides soccer, other spectator sports include tennis, skiing, and horse racing.

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