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Jobs in Hinthada | Job opportunities in Hinthada

Hinthada is a borough positioned on the Irrawaddy River in Ayeyarwady county of Myanmar. As per national population census conducted during 1983 Hinthada had been controlling almost 83,005peoiple in its society but the population size of the city was rapidly increasing during last few years and now it is estimated around 173,312 people of the township. Financially it is highly reliant of different industries that support its commercial trade and dealing of imports and exports. There are numerous small and major chemical processing units, construction industries and textile firms producing both garments and woven products in the city of Hinthada. Most of the people in Hinthada are literate whilst present age is fully interested to get the advanced learning trends and education opportunities of the city to come forward in the global challenging environment.

It is one of the most important and highly educational townships of the country that is known as educational hubs of the society having different small and major learning places, schools and colleges offering great learning approaches and modern subjects offered according to the choice and demand of the enrolled students in Hinthada. University of Computer Studies, Hinthada and Hinthada University of Technological affects are more attractive for the engineering students and art lovers in the country. Government of Myanmar is more concerned to design and develop the community of Hinthada in perfect manners.

Presently tourism industry of Hinthada is linked with numerous small and major public destinations like public parks, commercial plazas, shopping malls and art theaters that provide different motion pictures and films of Hollywood. With the increase of technology and industrial up rise in the city of Hinthada many new jobs and vacancies are arisen in the community for the professionals of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences.

Jobs in Hinthada

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Hinthada

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Hinthada

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Hinthada

Management & Administration Jobs in Hinthada

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