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Jobs in Hetauda | Job opportunities in Hetauda

Hetauda is a municipality in the Makwanpur borough of the Narayani neighborhood in Nepal. It is also the main directorial head office of the Makwanpur constituency and controls the overall administrative tasks effectively. The estimated population size of the city is around 72,000 people that are mostly lined with the agricultural activities and acts as a modern agricultural community having different latest technologies widely used for better growth of the expensive crops and income oriented annual foodstuff like corn, wheat, rice and soya. Economy of the Hetauda is based on different industries and production houses making a notice add up in the national income and GDP of Hetauda as well as providing different new and attractive job vacancies for the job seekers. Kodak, Hetauda Cement Factory, Hetauda Kapada Factory and some others are main employers of the region.

It is served by a large number of roads and highways providing an easy access to the travelers and tourists as well as daily students that love to seeker better educational facilities from the study centers and colleges of Hetauda. Present literacy ratio and annual graduation strength indicate a better educational place and society. Telecommunication channels, multimedia and scientific research centers provide more of the employment opportunities to the qualifying and talented educated personnel of Hetauda.

Hetauda earns much from its flourishing tourism sector and loads of Tourist attractions and fun time destinations attract hundreds of thousand annual visitors around the recreational places of Hetauda. Some of the major and frequently visiting spots and destinations of the city include Martyr Memorial Park, that caries different old and historic signs and collection like sculptures of martyrs and Nepal Lalit Campus. With the passage of time it is getting good fame and growth that provide an easy life style to the general public of the city.

Jobs in Hetauda

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