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Jobs in Hebron | Job Opportunities in Hebron

Hebron is an unincorporated community in disputed territory of Palestine and Israel. As per national population census conducted during 2005, there are almost 62,000 inhabitants in the town. Though the city of Hebron is very small in its land area and population but has strong economy mainly reliant of Glass production. Crafting and flourishing art industry was customary during Roman rule in Palestine. Glass production business has remarkable trends in the area and almost all the buildings contain Glass exterior attracting majority of the tourists. Arabic is an official language commonly spoken in the area whereas quite a few native languages are also in practice. Neighboring villages of the Hebron are major source of raw material for the preparation of quality oriented glass.

Palestine people have a strong secret coming from generation to generation to produce fine quality of Glass with the help of sand, sodium carbonate and coloring additives i.e. iron oxide & copper oxide. Recycled glass is also a big industry in Hebron earning huge foreign revenue from the adjoining markets. Glass jewel including beads, bracelets, and rings, as well as stained glass windows and glass lamps are major export products of Palestine having a major share of more than 70% production in the factories of Hebron.

Hebron city is remarked as an industrial hub of Palestine comprising upon various well known industrial headquarters i.e. Amazon, Toyota, Pomeroy and United States Playing Card Company. Tourism industry of the city includes quite a few amusement parks and mediocre shopping malls offering numerous handicrafts. Present industrial reformation has created various ob opportunities for the degree holders of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences with attractive salary structure.

Jobs in Hebron

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