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Hama is a fourth city of Syria located 142 km south of Aleppo and 45 km north of Hims with a historic background in 2,000 BC. It is positioned beside the Mediterranean Sea and many nations ruled this area from time to time by this sea route including Romans and Byzantines. Hamah has several unique features like its citadel and ancient Norias. Agriculture sector is on good stage due to huge water resources available by rivers and reservoirs. Hamah is a city of mixed culture of different religions and observed as very neat & clean conventional town containing numerous ancient buildings i.e. Azem Palace, An-Nuri Mosque and Nur al-Din. Majority of the town inhabitants is “Sunni Muslims” whereas Christians and Buddhists are also in reasonable strength.

Economy of Hamah is dependant of agriculture, tourism, textile and small scaled carpet industry. Almost 50 % population of the town is directly connected with Agriculture while remaining inhabitants are affiliated with tourism and carpet industry. Flat carpets manufactured in Hamah has high demand in neighboring markets but after the implementations of law against child labor, carpet industry of the town is facing downfalls. Education standards in Hamah are fairly reasonable but it is predicted that coming decade will produce majority of the degree holding students.

Tourist’s attractions in the city include numerous points that are very old and links with the history of Pharos, Moses and Job. Foreigners specially plan to visit Hamah to see the waterwheels of that age. Natural resorts and night life of the town entice number of the visitors to come and spend their memorable nights in this city. Industrial sector of the town has offered numerous job opportunities for the skilled graduates of different technology i.e. information technology, sales and marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences with excellent career growth and salary packages.

Jobs in Hamah

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