Jobs in Grand Dakar

Jobs in Grand Dakar | Job Opportunities in Grand Dakar

Grand Dakar is third main city of Senegal situated on the eastern shaft of the Atlantic Ocean. Official population census conducted during 2006 declared that there are almost 1.9 million inhabitants in the town. Grand Dakar occupies around 132,795 KM square land area blessed with abundance of natural resources, agricultural growth, strong industrial sector and Sailing. Grand Dakar attains the status and the seat of Senate. Academic infrastructure of the city is not appreciable due to lack of enough facilities in the schools, colleges and universities compelling local resident to travel for other cities. Presently government is striving to upgrade its structure and attract more and more students. Government of Grand Dakar is purely democratic and considers the political values seriously. Agricultural products of the city comprises upon cocoa, gram, wheat and sugarcane.

Grand Dakar’s national income is directly linked with the industrial reformation. Major cement manufacturing industries contribute to share in its national income noticeably high. Low inflation ratio and unemployment rate entices relocating individuals. Manufacturing concerns of the city are major employer of the state employing almost 150,000 inhabitants in employment. Grand Dakar’s present struggle for growth predicts that in coming decade, it will attain the status of a leading city of Senegal. Mining industry is also a major sector that earns huge foreign capital in entire Senegal.

World War II caused huge destruction in Grand Dakar and left several marks in history that entice majority of the foreigner tourists annually. Quite a few natural resorts and safari parks are equipped with the latest and trendy facilities to gather a crowd. There are several job opportunities for the qualified graduates of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences in Grand Dakar.

Jobs in Grand Dakar

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Grand Dakar

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Grand Dakar

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Grand Dakar

Management & Administration Jobs in Grand Dakar


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