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Jobs in Golcuk | Job Opportunities in Golcuk

Golcuk is a settlement and constituency of Kocaeli district in the Marmara province of Turkey and is officially situated on the Marmara Sea and south of the Golcuk districts. During 1999 a major and terrible earthquake happened and demolished most of the living creatures and buildings into ashes. Economy and financial position of the city is good and mainly reliant of different agricultural products, fishing industry, forests caring and wood cutting, hunting pursuits and tourism as well. In terms of agricultural growth and opportunities of Golcuk it is pertinent to mention that Corn, sugar beet and sunflower are prioritized commodities. It is earning good foreign capital and annual income that provide an easy life style with loads of fringe benefits and state offered facilities in the cantonment. Better traveling modes and excellent transportation channels make it possible for the swift trading opportunities in Golcuk.

Education sector of the city is good and Trakya University, University of Cooperative Education Loerrach, Beykent Educational Institutions, Edirne High School, Edirne Yildirim Anatolian High School and Edirne Anatolian Teacher Training High Schools are graded on top ranking in terms of excellent academic infrastructure, end results and mental nourishment of he enrolled students. Most of the graduation students love to study about engineering or medical sciences whilst rest of the population is more concerned in Golcuk about multimedia presentations, telecommunication or information technology.

There are different tourist attractions and fun time places in the city of Golcuk including shopping malls, theaters, night clubs, disco centers and monuments and loads of international travelers comes annually in the city of Golcuk to explore the natural and historic sites that ultimately increase the tourism revenue. Keeping in view the potential of tourism industry, local authorities of Golcuk has established numerous new destinations to fetch more and more visitors in its land areas.

Jobs in Golcuk

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