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Jobs in Gitarama | Job Opportunities in Gitarama

Gitarama is the second major city in Rwanda containing an average population of 100,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2010. Gitarama is situated in the Southern Province of the country and borders with Kigali. Administratively it is governed by several municipal towns and political system of the town is bases on basic democracy in the municipality. There are several architectural monuments of ancient age. Armenians and Egyptian rulers had been ruling over the city for many years but Gitarama attained its independence from Dutch government during 1556. Economic structure of the city is not good as the city has disturbed economic structure. World War II and numerous external battles engaged the city for permanent Warship. Most of the local tenants are uneducated in Gitarama but are in the phase to improve their mindset and qualifications.

Present economic infrastructure of the city is mainly reliant of agriculture and small scaled industry. Majority of the local tenants in Gitarama love to work in abroad for better and prosperous future. Government of Rwanda is taking remedial measures to control the increasing threats of unemployment in Gitarama by inaugurating several new industries. Keeping in view the low literacy rate, educational reformation is also in process with huge budget allocation in Rwanda.

Presently there are numerous job opportunities in Gitarama in the manufacturing concerns of leather, garments, salt processing and agricultural fruits processing units. Degree holders of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative individuals can get jobs with excellent pay perks & career rewarding service benefits in Gitarama. In past the city had notorious reputation due to high rate of crime and road snatching but presently law enforcing departments have controlled the situation.

Jobs in Gitarama

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