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Jobs in Gabes | Job Opportunities in Gabes

Gabes is the 6th city of Gabes Governorate of Tunisia having more than 300,323 inhabitants (census 2009). Gabes-Tunisia came under the control of Romans during second Punic war in 2nd century BC. Government has showed keen interest in the development of educational standards in the city with the huge investment of national budget in establishing new schools, colleges and universities that offer variety of educational & vocational program. Gabes-Tunisia is considered as the biggest industrial city of the Tunisia state. The majority of the private business comprises upon chemical industries, therefore, Chemistry is keenly studied in the city and institutes prepare best intellectuals of the field in entire Africa. The main industries of Gabes-Tunisia are Cement, Chemical products, Brick Factories and Oil refineries.

Transportation infrastructure of Gabes-Tunisia consists upon highways, railway carriage system and air & sea routes. Seaport’s main activities are excavating and processing mineral products from Gafsa city. Gabes-Tunisia has all four seasons of the nature. Foreign reserve capital is increased with the attractive beaches and extraordinary seaside oasis. Government of the Gabes-Tunisia is planning to develop a tourist zone in coming years to attract more and more visitors annually. In May 2008, Gabes-Tunisia was added in the Cultural category list of UNESCO World Heritage city.

Stable economic structure and plenty of job opportunities available in Gabes-Tunisia entice majority of neighboring countries to relocate for excellent living standards and career growth. Information technology has a great impact on industrial sector and offers excellent remuneration packages to the talented personnel. Accountants and sales force are also encouraged to apply for available jobs. It is well said that Gabes-Tunisia is such a place to live, work or explore the natural beauty in affordable spending.

Jobs in Gabes

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