Jobs in Fernando de la Mora

Jobs in Fernando de la Mora | Job Opportunities in Fernando de la Mora

Fernando de la Mora is a city situated in the Central Department of the urban Asuncion and considered as the most thickly populated area in Paraguay containing almost 256,369 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2007. Fernando de la Mora city has strong law enforcing agencies to implement the rules & regulations of establishment equally to create a civilized society around. There is a portion of 22 KM square in the city composed of South area & the North area with excellent street and commercial center in Fernando de la Mora. It contains almost 12 sub districts to run the government system smoothly with many of the local governments generally called as “Basic Democratic”. Geographical culture of the city is very strong with the addition of more than 63 green gardens esteemed with plenty of flowers and fruit bails.

National economy of the Fernando de la Mora city is reasonably stable and mainly reliant of the industrial growth, educational institutes and tourism. Local people of the city are sports lover therefore government has provided many of the play station in its land area specifically for the players of Football and hockey. Educational infrastructure of the city comprises upon 25 public and about 40 private schools offering quality of education on lowest fee structure to educate majority of the local residents.

Tourism industry of the Fernando de la Mora is very rich due to ideal transportation system in the city enabling an easy access to the commercial sector, small and medium industries, metallurgic and chemical sector. Most of the adults are offered handsome jobs in such areas with relaxed working environment. There are frequent job opportunities for the degree holders of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences with good pay perks.

Jobs in Fernando de la Mora

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Fernando de la Mora

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Fernando de la Mora

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Fernando de la Mora

Management & Administration Jobs in Fernando de la Mora


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