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The capital of Faryab is the beautiful city of Maymanah that is about 786 km from Kabul. Faryab connected with Jowzjan province in east and in west with Badghis and Turkmenistan. In north with Turkmenistan and south with Ghowr Province. It has an area of 22900 Km2. It consist of 7 districts namely Pashtoonak, Almaar, Daulatabad, Faizabad, Andkhoi, Qarghan, and, Kohistan. Faryab is one of the main but more remote provinces of North Western Afghanistan, with Maimana as the capital city. The city of Maimana is located on the bank of Maimana River in North Western Afghanistan. This river branches off the Band-e Turkistan River fifty km to the south of the city. Andkhoy is another important occupied center in the Faryab province with an approximate population of 15,000. This town is located in a plain at the vicinity of the Shirin Tagab River, which irrigates the town and surrounding areas. Although the town is very near to Sheberghan and Andkhoy(not more than seventy km), the town is awfully remote and secluded from the mainstream developments of the region, as is Maimana.

The city of Dawlatabad is located on the way to Sheberghan Dasht Laili-Maimana. It has a bazaar with 180 shops and dozens of caravansaries. This township is a center for carpet weaving in northern Afghanistan. Almar is only 35 km far from Maimana. This is one of the ancient bazaars of the area and known to be active since 1878. Seventeen km to the west of Qaysar is the town of Chachaktu, which is located at the fringes of the same Qaisar desert. Faryab province has been one of the more peaceful areas in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban after the U.S. invasion of 2001. Recent development projects in the province have focused on expanding the agricultural potential of the province, in particular the re-forestation of areas of the province that denuded in the recent past. Like many areas in the north of Afghanistan, warlords and criminal gangs who flourished under the lawless conditions that pervade Afghanistan are still very powerful in the province.

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